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What is Robacker?

This smart robot can carry and transport super heavy things, quickly and precisely, and be controlled manually and automatically through a special program.

Robacker uses four mecanum wheels which are connected to four independent motors for intelligent control.

The robot can move forward, reverse and spin just like four regular wheels. The configuration of rollers at 45° also allows the robot to move sideways and through a combination of these, in any direction.

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Directions of movement

Robacker can perform all directions of movement at the same time, and lift the high load in a balanced way and carry objects maximum 40 km/hr.

The height

The height of this robot is adjustable to go under objects up to several centimeters relative to the tonnage of the robot.


Accuracy of displacement performance is 0.1 mm, there is not blind spot for this robot and control method is by reciprocating lasers to increase accuracy.

Carrying capacity

Capacity to carry minimum 4 tons of cargo (each Robacker robot).

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Our product

What is the use of Robacker?

Vehicles and heavy loads are currently transported by lift truck, which must also have space for the lift trucks, and the lift trucks do not lift them in a leveled manner.

Our transportation robot can carry heavy loads in a right way, and also this is a modular robot which means many of this robot can be connected automatically to carry very heavy and big loads.

If the object is made from Iron, the magnet of robot completely grasps the object and easily moves the flat path for it intelligently in all directions, and it can be rotated 360 degrees on each wheel.

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