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About us

Meet our advanced robot for the toughest challenges

At our company, we’re passionate about solving the challenges of heavy load transportation. We believe that with the right technology, we can move super heavy things more efficiently and effectively than ever before. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge robot that is designed to carry and transport super heavy-load with ease.

Our robot is capable of lifting and moving even the heaviest objects, quickly and precisely. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a product that is efficient and easy to use.

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Our team

Meet our expert team

Hamidreza Mirbagheri

Chief Executive Officer

Hamidreza Mirbagheri, the CEO of Robacker, takes charge of various tasks to drive the company’s success. From reaching out to potential clients and overseeing marketing efforts to researching new opportunities and developing growth plans, Mirbagheri plays a key role. He prioritizes customer satisfaction by enhancing existing relationships and attracting new clients. A skilled communicator, he arranges meetings, addresses client needs, and creates effective business proposals, ensuring Robacker’s ongoing growth and prominence in the market.

Abbasali Javan

Chief Operating Officer

As COO at Robacker, Abbasali Javan ensures quality and timely delivery throughout the product lifecycle. He manages customer services, collaborates with engineering and R&D, and overseas production divisions. Javan actively contributes to operations, identifies areas for improvement, and supports pricing strategies. With a focus on high qualifications, he drives efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth. Javan also controls engineering design, custom orders, and business planning, showcasing his commitment to Robacker’s success.

Tina Abrand

Head Of Research and Development

As the Head of Research and Development at Robacker, Tina Abrand leads the team in developing technology to meet product specifications. She has established strategic partnerships with universities and collaborates to improve and release new product versions. Abrand actively seeks business opportunities to address market needs and represents Robacker at national and international events. Her role includes designing manufacturing files, developing electronic components and software, and conducting evaluations to enhance products based on client needs. Abrand plays a key role in driving innovation and ensuring the company’s presence in the global tech landscape.