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The patent describes an Autonomous Flexible Carrier Robot, that integrates AI and mechanical components for safe and versatile heavy load transportation. It features smart clamps, ultraweight sheets, and a motor-driven system for simultaneous sliding and rotating movements.

Autonomous Flexible Carrier Robot for Heavy Load Transportation

Abstract: The invention discloses an Autonomous Flexible Carrier Robot designed for the efficient and safe transportation of heavy goods. The robot incorporates a unique combination of artificial intelligence, electrical, and mechanical elements to provide a versatile solution for heavy load carriage. The key features include a motor-driven system with wheels equipped with cone rollers, enabling simultaneous sliding and rotating movements in longitudinal and transverse directions. The robot’s flexibility is enhanced by smart clamps that adjust dynamically based on the weight of the goods, ensuring secure and damage-free transportation. Ultraweight sheets, with a cut mesh structure, contribute to the robot’s ability to withstand super heavy loads. The invention addresses the limitations of traditional transportation methods, offering a more energy-efficient, flexible, and user-friendly solution for various industrial applications, including airports, terminals, malls, and warehouses.


  1. An autonomous robot for aligned and safe transportation of heavy goods, utilizing a motor-driven system with wheels and cone rollers.
  2. The robot as claimed in claim 1, features smart clamps that dynamically adjust based on the weight of the goods.
  3. Ultraweight sheets with a cut mesh structure integrated into the robot to withstand super heavy loads.
  4. The robot’s ability to decrease its height for easy access under heavy goods and subsequent lifting.
  5. Simultaneous sliding and rotating movements to 360 degrees, providing flexibility in different directions.
  6. The robot’s versatility in operating both electrically and manually, offers an energy-efficient solution for heavy load transportation.


Robacker Inc., founded on October 17, 2021, is a visionary startup in Aurora, ON, spearheading the development of an innovative Autonomous Flexible Carrier Robot, set to revolutionize heavy load transportation.

Robacker Inc., a pioneering startup, stands at the forefront of innovation with its groundbreaking Autonomous Flexible Carrier Robot. Founded on October 17, 2021, under the Canada Business Corporations Act, the company, led by visionary director Isabelle Foley, operates from its registered office at 232 River Ridge Boulevard, Aurora, ON L4G 7T7. With the authorization to issue an unlimited number of common shares and a dynamic board of directors, including the Canadian resident Omid Rezaei Dastgerdi, the corporation thrives on its commitment to revolutionize heavy load transportation. The incorporation reflects the culmination of inventive minds, including founders Hamidreza Mirbagheri, Abbasali Javan, and Seyedehtina Abrandabadizadeh, dedicated to advancing the future of logistics through cutting-edge robotics.